Carpathian Euroregion

21 March 2014, Nyiregyháza (Hungary): 1st CBC Partners’ meeting in the scope of the project “Sustainable Development of Border Regions provided by effective functioning the Carpathian Euroregion”:


Under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. István SÜLI-ZAKAR, Senior Council member, Carpathian Euroregion, 40 participants discussed aims and steps of the EU-funded project “Sustainable Development of Border Regions provided by effective functioning the Carpathian Euroregion”.

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Welcome speeches were given by Oszkár SESZTÁK, President of the General Assembly of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, and AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez.

Dr. Gergely TRIEB, consul, General Consulate of Hungary in Uzhgorod, gave some explanations on the role of the General Consulate of Hungary in the cross-border cooperation in the Hungarian-Ukrainian border area.

The project coordinators, Brigitta MAJORNÉ LÁSZLÓ, Self-government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County (Lead Partner), Hungary, and Natalie NOSA, President of International Association of Regional Development Institutions “IARDI”, Ukraine, presented the tasks and objectives of the project, stressing their view to define a new macroregional strategy for the Carpathians.

After the project presentation, Martín Guillermo RamÍrez, Secretary General of AEBR took the floor again to highlight the experiences on the structure of cross-border cooperation in Europe in the 2014- 2020 Programming Period, and the importance to keep strong organizations for CBC at the external borders of the EU. In this sense, he thanked the commitment of regional and local authorities to support the strengthening of the Carpathian Euroregion in Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Poland.

István SÜLI-ZAKAR, Senior Council member and Chairman of the Working Commission on Regional Development of Carpathian Euroregion, Hungary, Serhii Ustych, Head of the Council of the Carpathian Euroregion (1995-1996), Director of the Institute for transborder cooperation in Uzhgorod, Ambassador (Ukraine) (speech: Modern Challenges to Euroregional formation on the New Eastern Border of the European Union), Ukraine, who highlighted the need to have joint programmes for CBC and not parallel programmes in every side of the border. Ivan Gevtci expert, Ukraine, spoke about the common past and shared future, particularly on the need to restructure and reform the Carpathian Euroregion to be the main umbrella for all CBC in the region.

Gabriel KISS, Carpathian Euroregion expert from Slovakia, and Bogdan LAZAR, Carpathian Euroregion expert from Romania explained the perspectives for cooperation within Carpathian Euroregion in Slovakia and Romania 2014 – 2020. Mr Kiss mentioned the project “Via Carpatica”, an Eastern European corridor, from Klaipeda to Thessaloniki, which is planned to be a major route for cycle tourism. Mr Lazar stressed the focus on youth and employment, as well as mobility.

This round table finished with the speech of Sergiy TATUSIAK, Head of the Euroregion Dniester, and Head of the Vinnytsia Regional Council, stressing the need to cooperate with Western European partners through permanent networks, particularly in times of uncertainty, as it is the case in Ukraine.

The conference concluded with a summary of the most important points by Prof. SÜLI-ZAKAR and was followed by a reception. A project partners meeting followed afterwards.

More information, photos, etc.: (Video about the conference, including an interview with AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez)


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