European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry: SME Policy in European Regions - Guidebook Series: How to support SME Policy initiatives from Structural Funds :


In order for SMEs to flourish, a winning concept which boosts competitiveness and shapes a sound business environment is vital. With 23 Million SMEs spread out all over Europe, this is influenced in many ways, not only from EU and National level but also from Regional policies. And to maintain a broad base of SMEs is very important for the economic tissue of a region and thus for its wealth and sustainability.

The EU contributes to its Member States', as well as its regions', success in this area by providing analysis, inspiration, programs and initiatives.

The guidebooks currently being prepared and disseminated by the European Commission are based on the sound knowledge and rich experience that DG ENTR has acquired in the field of SME Policy analysis, development and implementation. These guidebooks offer inspiration, tested examples, practical help and hands-on advice gathered by SME Policy expert groups. Many of the best practices identified by these expert groups need financial support for their implementation for which financing by  structural funds (ERDF and ESF) is available, in particular also at regional level.

Each guidebook deals with a specific area of SME policy and includes suitable examples of recent and similar projects. A general guide (nr.6) is also available in order to provide a broad overview of the way in which the process works.

This series of Guidebooks is thus highly recommended to those involved in SME Policy as well as regional development, in the hope of raising further awareness regarding EU SME Policy and facilitating the funding process of appropriate SME policy measures and initiatives at national and regional level.

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(Source: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry ->Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)->Regional SME policies) 

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