19-20 May 2014, Brussels: Annual meeting with the Managing Authorities of the European territorial cooperation programmes :


The annual meeting of CBC Operational Programmes with DG Regio, organized by DG Regio and Interact, was very interesting and offered new insight in the design of the new INTERREG programme. The event was web streamed, and the recording can be seen here: https://scic.ec.europa.eu/streaming/index.php?es=2&sessionno=662a2e96162905620397b19c9d249781

The programme as well as further information can be downloaded from: 

AEBR, Euroregions and border regions were given full visibility in Brussels and through social networks.

AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez intervened after the keynote speech of Director General Walter Deffaa, and introduced the session 2007-2013 Story telling: '4 borders, 4 problems, 4 solutions' . He highlighted specific challenges and achievements of cross-border cooperation and commented on selected projects. Mr. Guillermo was also asked to give some conclusions from the point of view of the AEBR in front of an auditorium with around 300 people, including not only the Managing Authorities and JTSs, but also most relevant officers at DG Regio and some other DGs. AEBR has also been included in a promotional video for the European Cooperation Day (21 September), paying a tribute to CBC within the EU policies, and has been invited to take part in a special event in Milan on 16th September, where AEBR will talk together with Commissioner Johannes Hahn. On that occasion, the chance will be taken to remind Commissioner Hahn about the need to keep P2P projects and a focus on CB rural areas, amongst other issues.

Further information about the event in Milan will be published soon in the AEBR website. 

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