6-10 June 2014 – AEBR Activities in Finland:


On Friday, 6th June, a meeting of the Task Force External Borders took place in Parikkala (South Karelia). Members of the TFEB visited the border with the Russian Federation and discussed with the border guards about further development of the border area and border facilities. A separate report about this meeting will soon be available in the AEBR website.  

On Saturday, 7th June 2014, the Regional Council of North Karelia/ Euregio Karelia hosted the AEBR Executive Committee meeting in Joensuu. In the afternoon, a videoconference was organized with stakeholders in Latin America, Africa and Europe to promote the African Borders Day as an International Day of Integration across National Boundaries.

On 8th June (Sunday) a round table was organized in collaboration with the Association of Borderland Studies (ABS) related to Global CBC. From 9th to 14th June, the ABS (Association of Borderland Studies) organized its I World Conference in Joensuu and St. Petersburg. The AEBR took part in several events of the ABS. 

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