New video clip: The European Union's Cohesion Policy: Investing in your Regions and Cities :


The economic and social situation is very different in each of the European Union's 274 regions. This short video shows how the European Union helps to reduce these differences, by investing in economic growth, job creation and competitiveness. Furthermore, the short animation explains how the latest review of the EU's Cohesion Policy, concluded in 2013 and implemented as from 2014, is designed to help achieve the Europe 2020 Strategy objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by investing in key areas such as: research and innovation, the digital agenda, support for SMEs, the low-carbon economy, employment and mobility, better education, social inclusion and better public administration.

To watch the video, which is available in several EU langguages, please click here

(Source:  European Commission, Audiovisual Services)

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