02/12/2014: Austria and Germany: EU invests 54 million euro to boost cooperation across Bavaria's border:


On 2 December 2014, the European Commission adopted the new interregional cooperation programme ("Interreg") between Austria and the German region of Bavaria, worth more than 54 million euro from EU Regional funds.

A key focus will be on cross border initiatives to protect the fragile Alpine environment, boost tourism and link research anddevelopment.

Welcoming the adoption European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corinne Crețu said: " Our cross border programmes are one of the most tangible ways the EU is workingto help citizens address common challenges and tap into shared potential – together. The programme adopted today means the border region of Southern Bavaria and Western Austria can step up a gear in their integration. We have moved a long way from building bicycle paths and basic infrastructure to financing top-end research co-operation between Austrian and Bavarian universities. Our focus on research and development and environmental protection will address both the  strengths and the challenges of the region head on so people living here can reap the rewards." 

The whole press release is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/sources/cooperate/crossborder/0112_ip_cbc_en.pdf.

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