Seminar on "Free movement of Labor in Cross-Border Regions - New Possibilities and Risks" held on 16 December 2014 in Hamar/Norway :


The seminar on "Free movement of Labor in Cross-Border Regions - New Possibilities and Risks", held on 16 December 2014 in Hamar/Norway within the framework of the project ComUnYouth (Combating Unemployment among Youth), addressed questions such as: What are the main obstacles for the free movement of labour? Is the free movement a risk or possibility? How can cross border regions work together in order to lift the existing obstacles for mutual benefit? Is the free movement across the border a possibility of keeping the youth in the region? 

Regional policies and examples on concrete measures how to combat youth unemployment were presented and discussed during the seminar, and the official website of the ComUnYouth project ( was launched. AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez participated in the seminar reporting on the European situation, available measures and perspectives. 

The current status of Nordic labour market for young people was also presented, including future challenges and opportunities; some good practices and regional policies and measures for combating youth unemployment were presented; and, several meetings of the working groups within this project took place in order to prepare a set of micro-interventions and projects to be implemented until the Final Conference of the project, which will take place on October 2015 in Petrozavodsk (Russian Federation). 

Next activities of the project will be a seminar in Lappeenranta (South Karelia, Finland) on 28 and 29 January 2015, a Youth Forum in Marijampole (Lithuania) on 13 to 15 May 2015, a study visit to the Norwegian-Swedish border on June, a thematic seminar in Tartu (Finland) on 27 and 28 August, and the Final Conference of the project on mid-October.

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