Workshop "CoR platforms and networks facing the future" held in Brussels on 9 December 2014 :


AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez actively contributed to the workshop “CoR platforms and networks facing the future “, which was held on 9 December 2014 in Brussels.

After the opening of the workshop by Thomas Wobben, Director for Horizontal Policies at the CoR, and Bert Kuby, Head of Unit E2, in charge of the CoR Platforms, Axel Marxof the KU Leuven presented the preliminary findings of the Study “Monitoring EU policies through CoR platforms and networks – future opportunities and challenges”. A debate with the audience followed, and also the answers from members to the on-line questionnaire included in the study were taken into account. It was highlighted the need to increase the visibility of these platforms and networks, and their impact in the work of the CoR.

In the following round table, moderated by Thomas Wobben and Bert Kuby, the different platforms and networks of the CoR were presented and discussed more in detail:

Jean-François Istasse (Verviers, BE), CoR Member, presented the activities of the Subsidiarity Monitoring Network (SMN), in particular the combination between consultations and political work.

Pavel Branda (Liberec, CZ), CoR Member, presented the EGTC platform, the need to make more visible the experience on CBC and particular cases, like CB emergency services. CBC is practically out of the 6th Cohesion Report, and this should be improved. A CoR Intergroup on CBC would be recommended.

Mr. García-Nieto (Murcia, ES) presented the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform, focused on the recent developments within this platform, and stressed the need to consolidate working groups of regions interested in specific topics, for instance, unemployment.

Martín Guillermo Ramírez, Secretary General of the AEBR, focused on the developments of the EGTC platform and how this platform may contribute to the CoR consultative works highlighting cross-border issues. He reminded that Europe should not only grow upstairs, but also downstairs through subsidiarity in order to get closer to citizens, and demanded a stronger coordination of institutions, platforms, networks and associations in order to be more efficient and visible, getting a stronger impact.

Johannes Maier (Carinthia, AT), on the SMN, stressed the need to create a culture of subsidiarity.

After a lively debate with the audience, which mainly showed that these platforms and networks should support the preparation of qualified CoR opinions on these issues: EGTC (and CBC), Subsidiarity, and EU2020, Bert  Kuby wrapped-up the results.

More information about the different platforms of the CoR as well as on this workshop can be found on the CoR website:

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