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Have you ever heard about the legend of the proud lady of Stavoren? Or about the siren of la Serena, a mermaid that inhabited the banks of the Guadiana River and with her beauty and charming singing attracted unwary men who eventually drowned in the river? These and several other legends and myths connected with water can be found on the website of the project l’AQUA (www.laquaroutes.com).


L´AQUA is a project funded by the European Commission which focuses on the tourism potential of this intangible heritage in relation to water, establishing a transnational product and route, with its (regional) sectors, covering in total 8 areas/countries where water and related activities play an important role in their geography and/or history, and putting the magnifying glass on the sagas, myths, legends and traditions associated to water. The project brings together partners from Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia and Germany.


In the past months the project partners focused in particular on the inventory of myths and legend, the elaboration of a marketing strategy and a new product, networking and cooperation with different stakeholders as well as on knowledge acquisition and sharing.


The project “L’AQUA: Legends and myths on water for European tourist routes” has been approved by the European Commission,  with Reference number S12.682304,  under the call for proposals “Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage” (69/G/ENT/PPA/13/411).


For more information see: www.laquaroutes.com

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