6-8 May 2015: Third T4CBC session in Gmünd/České Velenice (Austrian/Czech Border):

Small sensation: 50 cultural initiatives from 7 nations met in Gmünd and České Velenice for a three-days working meeting


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The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) was founded in 1971 and represents the interests of approx. 100 border regions in Europe towards their member countries and the European institutions. Since 2013, the working group TASK FORCE Cross Border Culture (T4CBC) which is active in the encouragement of the cultural initiatives was added to the AEBR. For this purpose, there are meetings of the T4CBC twice a year which are always held in another border region. Its aim is to strengthen the capacity of cultural actors in and between the border regions to cooperate on a transnational and European level and to undertake new cultural and creative projects all over Europe. Not only representatives of the T4CBC of the AEBR and other Euro regions but also representatives of cultural organizations from all over Europe are invited to these meetings. Thus, representatives of European organisations like Les Rencontres, SMart.eu , the cultural routes of the council of Europe, Cross Border Network of History and Art, Audiences Europe Network … as well as representatives of cultural capitals and candidates regularly participate in these meetings.

On the initiative of Thomas Samhaber (Cultural association CROSSINGS- PŘECHODY – CZ/AT), the two municipalities Gmünd and České Velenice organised the meeting, for the first time in Austria, in cooperation with the Euregio SILVA NORTICA, the information centre České Velenice, the cultural network LA, the cultural department of the district South Bohemia, the cultural department of the state government of Lower Austria, the communication centre „fenix“, the der LA linguistic offensive, the European region DONAU-MOLDAU and other partners. The head of the T4CBC, Mr. Rudolf Godesar from Belgium, welcomed the invitation and was pleased about a highly exciting and efficient working meeting.

Photo © ILD Guests from home and abroad on the guided tour of two cities, led by Bernhard Schneider. The group in front of the cemetery of refugees in Gmünd.

About 50 persons from cultural initiatives from Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria took the unique opportunity to exchange information about their activities and to plan common activities for the future.

The meeting started on 6th May with a guided tour of the two towns and the subsequent opening and introduction into the programme in the”Palmenhaus Gmünd” and with music from the Jazztrio MaHaWa from Upper Austria. The following day took place in the communication centre „fenix“, which was a very good meeting place. The deputy district commissioner and district councillor mayor Mr. Jaromir Sliva for the city of Česke Velenice and the EUREGIO Silva Nortica, the mayor of Gmünd Mrs.Helga Rosenmayer and Patrik Červak as head of the cultural department of South Bohemia as well as the EUREGIO executive committee and director of the South Bohemian museum Frantisek Štangl welcomed to the meeting.

The 23 reports and project presentation treated the European cultural capitals, the issue of Crowd Funding, framework conditions for artist mobility up to cross-border cultural activities and museum cooperation. That intensive day was followed by an excursion to Žumberk, where the medieval village and the exhibition „ryby a lide“ (Fishes and humans) were visited. On the last day, there were further presentations in the assembly hall of the city hall Gmünd, there was time for discussions and the results of the meeting could be summarized.

Photo © Stadtgemeinde Gmünd Winkler: Alexandre de Resende (Serra Hendriques Fondation, Portugal), City councillor for culture Gmünd Beatrix Vischer-Simon, Rudolf Godesar (Head of the network of European Border Regions TASK FORCE Cross Border Culture from Belgium), Thomas Samhaber (Initiator of the event) and Brigitte Temper-Samhaber (ILD Agency for regional development), Hermína Mocova (District office South Bohemia) and Helene Mader (LA Regional, European region Donau Moldau).

The meeting resulted in new possibilities of cooperation, especially the for the museums, the exchange of soloists from orchestras, the know-how transfer with the creation of cross-border radio and TV projects and a support with overcoming the legal and financial difficulties which artists from abroad have with their performances, common project development on the issue of the textile industry and Creative industries, the encouragement of youth culture and exchange of experience in the field of Crowdfunding. Moreover, concrete projects were achieved regarding the inclusion of architecture students in cross-border planning.

Among others, the international representatives of the two this year’s cultural capitals of Europe 2015, Pilsen (CZ) and Mons (BE), as well as the organisation SMART.eu with its border information services, the EUREGIO Spree-Neiße-Bober, the Euro region Elbe-Label, the international cultural network „Les Rencontres“, the network of museums of contemporary art of the Euregio Maas-Rhein „Very Contemporary“, the South Bohemian philharmonic orchestra, the South Bohemian museum Budweis, the regional museum Český Krumlov, the National Museum for Photography (CZ), the Jihočesky Silva Nortica, the Mundaneum Foundation (Belgium), the Serra Hendriques Foundation (Portugal), and many more participated in this meeting.

Among others, apart from the City Councillor for culture of Gmünd, Mrs Beatrix Simon-Vischer, representatives of the cultural network of Lower Austria (Katka Krejcova and Josef Schick), the Waldviertel Academy (Christoph Mayer), the European regions Donau Moldau (Helene Mader), the Schallaburg Kulturbetriebsges.m.b.H. (Harald Pichelbauer), der Art factory Groß-Siegharts (Günter Gross), the ILD agency for regional development (Brigitte Temper-Samhaber), the Mühlviertler South Bohemian Association of Museums (Hubert Roiss), the TheaterHerbst Grenzenlos (Manuela Seidl), and the Linguistic Competence Centre of the Lower Austrian National Academy (Vladislava Pekárková), the cultural association Lepschi (Christian Pfabigan) were active participants of the event.


Questions to:

Rudolf Godesar, coordinator T4CBC-AEBR, rudolfgodesar@euregio-mr.eu,  +32 (0)474 65 07 14

For the regional initiative group:  Thomas Samhaber, sam@ild.cc, +43 (0) 664 150 53 48



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