Progress Meeting of L’AQUA project in Leeuwarden:


On 17th and 18th September the second Progress Meeting of the project l’AQUA took place in Leeuwarden (Netherlands). An overview of the results and progress of the project was made during this meeting, where 25 project partners and stakeholders participated. The project partners presented on the occasion of the meeting in Leeuwarden the outcomes of following work packages:

-       L’AQUA Marketing characteristics & product placement,

-       L’AQUA Marketing strategy & plan,

-       L’AQUA Networking & cooperation,

-       L’AQUA Knowledge acquisition & sharing.

Of particular interest for the stakeholders from the participating regions that accompanied the project partners to Leeuwarden was the knowledge workshop that was organised on 17th September in the afternoon. The workshop focused on community building around tourism experience. At the end of the workshop the participants worked on an own story based on well-known legends connected to water.


You can find all the details of this meeting and other information of the project in the website:

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