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Open Days EGTC & cross-border guide

The Open Days are approaching, and we have published a guide containing a selection of workshops as we do every year. The workshop organised by the EGTC Platform, with presence of Raffaele Cattaneo, is the number 14C08. The European Commission and INTERACT organise the workshop 14C15.

Remember! The deadline to register is next Monday 28 September.


Save the date! 12 and 13 November

The CoR and the AEBR co-organise a seminar on 12 November on "The participation of the EGTCs in programmes of European Territorial Cooperation", and a conference on 13 November on "The Future of Cross-border Cooperation". These activities will count on high level speakers and will be one of the most important opportunities to gather the European cross-border community.  

More information will follow.


New legislation for cross-border cooperation

The CoR is working on an opinion on an instrument proposed by the Luxembourg Presidency, consisting in a model of European Convention for Cross-border Cooperation. These conventions would allow local and regional authorities to establish exceptions and derogations to the national applicable law in order to make cross-border projects feasible. For example, apply only one standard to a cross-border tramway line. The rapporteur is Mr Nicola Dobroslavic (HR/EPP) and it will be voted in the plenary session of 13 and 14 October.


25 Years of INTERREG: Consultation of the European Commission on cross-border cooperation

On the occasion of the European Cooperation Day and a week after the celebration of the 25th anniversary of INTERREG, the Commissioner for Regional and Urban Policy Ms Corina Cretu launched a public consultation on overcoming obstacles in border regions. With this public consultation, the Commission will be able to take stock of the opinion of 185 million EU citizens living in border regions. The consultation covers internal EU border regions, and border regions with Switzerland and Norway. The results will be made publicly available online in the beginning of 2016, and will also feed into a study which aims to produce conclusions and practical suggestions on how the EU and its partners can ease remaining obstacles.

The consultation will run from 21 September to 21 December 2015.

More information:

To access the survey:


CoR intergroup on cross-border cooperation and EGTC

The CoR intergroup was launched before summer and will meet during the plenary session of 12-14 October. We encourage the EGTCs to invite their members to join the intergroup.


EGTC Monitoring Report 2014

The studies "EGTC Monitoring Report 2014" and "The partitipation of entities of outside the EU in EGTCs" are available online.


CoR Master Open Online Course on regions, institutions and EU Policy-making

You may enrol this master free of charge, learn from top speakers, participate and interact with other students, and get your certificate!

Please disseminate this master among your contcts.


The EGTC community meets in LinkedIN

In view of enlarging the presence of the EGTC in social networks, improving communication and allowing the best contact among professionals, the EGTC team has launched a thematic group in LinkedIN, which already has 40 Members!

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