Overcoming border obstacles, the Commission’s Cross Border Review :



Overcoming border obstacles, the Commission’s Cross Border Review

DG Regio launched this CB Review in 2015 through a study to provide an inventory of critical border obstacles together with examples of how these have been addressed on certain borders, an extensive public consultation between September and December 2015 and several workshops with key stakeholders in 2015 and 2016. The AEBR has taken active part in the workshops, together with other colleagues from EU institutions, other networks, expert organizations and, of course, border and cross-border regions. The main approach is identifying cross-border obstacles, but also possible solutions to be implemented at various levels.

Now DG Regio has released the summary report of the consultation, which received more than 600 replies:


They five main obstacles mentioned have been:

  • legal and administrative barriers (lack of recognition of qualifications, differences in social security, pension and taxation systems)
  • language barriers
  • difficult physical access (lack of infrastructures and of integrated public transport systems)
  • lack of cooperation between public authorities on cross-border issues
  • economic disparities (differences in the labour market and wages, creating asymmetric flows)

Some more information about the consultation and the workshops, including videos with messages from key stakeholders can be found in the following link:



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