Brexit and Terror: everything against integration?:


When writing the introduction for this News Digest, a new attack has beaten Europe. A universal example of holidays in the heart of our continent, the city of Nice, has been attacked during the evening of French National Day, producing dozens of victims amongst the families which were our for a walk along the promenade.

Our solidarity with France, the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and the city of Nice after this attack. There is no reason to strike at innocent families walking around in a summer evening, neither in Europe nor in any other place on the world. Now it is becoming more important than ever to keep Europe united and strong, and this is not possible without the right commitment of citizens and politicians at all levels. It is easy to blame Europe for being too weak, but the difficulty lies in fact in reacting appropriately, effectively and united!

The recent results of the referendum in United Kingdom does not make it easy. But the main problem is that British citizens have voted under doubtful (and sometimes false) premises. It would be interesting to analyze the results in border areas, as it is the case of Gibraltar (with 95% in favour of "staying") or Northern Ireland. The AEBR has initiated some exchanges in both territories in order to better explore what will and could happen in the event of a Brexit, and which are the opportunities to preserve and even strengthen cooperation across these new "external borders" of the EU. 

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