AEBR Cross Border Award “Sail of Papenburg” 2016 goes to Kvarken Region, a special award to ECTC Euroregion Aquitaine-Euskadi :

The award motto for this year was: Border Obstacles – What we have achieved!

From left: Herman Wessels, Ems Dollart Region; Dr. Reinhold Kolck, Chairman of the Jury; Ann-Sofi Backgren, Kvarken Region; Karl-Heinz Lambertz, AEBR President; Bernhard Bramlage, AEBR Vice-President; Martín Guillermo Ramírez, AEBR Secretary General

This year’s winner of the Sail of Papenburg is  KVARKEN REGION with the project: “Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor -Kvarken Multimodal Link”

Vital infrastructure is a precondition for sustainable economic development and cross-border cooperation. The link across the Baltic Seay between Finland and Sweden by means of a ferry that is operated throughout the whole year is not only a regional and interregional issue, but also an important part of the European transport network (TEN-T). Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor helps to cut transport of goods by more than 800 km. Phase 1  is completed, a vital connection for the people has been created, Phase 2 (191,5 Mio until 2018) has started with the building of the new ferry and connecting infrastructure. The project involves private and public financiers  (private-public-partnership) under the management of the cross-border Kvarken Region and creates additional synergies by successfully linking realized regional concepts.

A Special Award goes  this year to EGTC Aquitaine- Euskadi for their  project  “International training and European Citizenship : The choice of euroregional mobility”.  The EGTC Euroregion Aquitaine-Euskadi was created in order to overcome barriers in the educational and University level, and is financially equipped with own funds by both regions. This EGTC concluded a partnership agreement with 14 Universities at either side of the border, aiming at promoting the mobility of students and professors, development of an own diploma, a permanent cooperation of the Universities with joint research. The EGTC also sets a clear sign to overcome barriers by  granting scholarships (6 months). To this end, a budget of 30.000 € is available. With relatively modest means, cross-border mobility is motivated purposefully.                                          Small funds – large effect!

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