2nd Meeting of the Working Group on Innovative Solutions to CB Obstacles :

CoR, Brussels, 28th September 2016



The Committee of the Regions hosted this second meeting of the working group launched by the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU and coordinated by the Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT) to study a legal tool to solve cross-border obstacles. The proposal of a European Cross-Border Convention (ECBC), inspired by the EGTC is under study, and a toolbox is being mapped on the basis of concrete examples. In this workshop, the cases of the Cerdanya Hospital and the actions of the Nordic Council were analysed. The European Commission (DG Regio), the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions took part in a session of consultations with the institutions about the appropriateness of such an instrument within the current state of the art of CBC, particularly under the Cross-Border Review. AEBR Secretary General attended part of the meeting, and Peter Hansen, Coordinator of the AEBR German Grouping most of it.

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