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Bridge of Alcántara, located close to the intersection of the borders of Extremadura, Centro, Alentejo (EuroACE), Photographer: Abraham Figueiredo

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The next AEBR General Assembly 2017 and the Conference of European Border Regions will take place in Badajoz (Extremadura, ES) at the ES/PT border, on the occasion of the 750th Anniversary of the first Treaty of Badajoz, signed on 16th February 1267 between King Alfonso X of Castile and King Afonso III of Portugal establishing the border practically in the same demarcation as it currently has. There will be several cross-border activities, involving the partners in Portugal, so it will be a truly cross-border event, and also a series of pre-conference events during the whole week:

- On Monday 23rd October 2017, we will organise in Cáceres (Extredmadura), in collaboration with the Extremadura Agency for International Development (AEXCID), an event related to CBC in Latin America, in order to present the studies, projects and other initiatives implemented, promoted and participated by the AEBR since 2010.
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- On Tuesday 24th October 2017, a Cross-Border School is planned in Cáceres as well, in collaboration with the University of Extremadura. This CB School is an initiative proposed by the Euroregion Rhein-Waal and the Province of Gelderland, with the collaboration of the Ragboud University (Nijmegen) and other AEBR partners. The idea is to organise this school with CBC experts and practitioners before every General Assembly and Annual Conference.
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- On Wednesday 25th October 2017, a workshop of DG Regio for Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian Regions will take place in  Mérida (Extremadura), on the Commission's Communication on "Cross-Border Obstacles". More information:

- Thursday 26th October 2017, Badajoz: AEBR Executive Committee meeting, followed by the AEBR General Assembly, with election of the AEBR President. In the afternoon official opening of the Conference of European Border Regions 2017, followed by two working sessions on "CBC in the light of the 7th Cohesion Report" and "CBC - driving force for the future European Cohesion". 

- On Friday 27th October 2017: Third session (The case of the Host): Circular Economy in Border Regions (tourism, natural and cultural heritages, civil protection, ...). Fourth Session: The Generation of CB Societies (P2P Projects, volunteering, new generation cross-border operations). In the evening, the AEBR Cross-Border Award 2017 trophy will be handed over to the winner. 

- On Saturday 28th October 2017, a study visit will be organised with a presentation of some milestones in the history of the Spanish-Portuguese Border.

We kindly ask you to save already these dates: 26 – 28 October 2017 for our General Assembly and the Conference of European Border Regions, and 23 – 25 October 2017 for the pre-conference events.

Further information and a first draft programme will be published soon in the AEBR website.
Please do not hesitate to contact the AEBR team if you need any further information.

It is still possible to register online for the Conference of European Border Regions 2017 via the following link:

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