Highlights from AEBR’s last Executive Committee Meeting in Ghent on March:


The last AEBR’s Executive Committee Meeting took place in Ghent, Belgium, on 24th March and was hosted by Euregio Scheldemond. The day before, on 23rd March a visit of the GreenBridge project in Oostende was organised, and a very interesting meeting of the AEBR’s Interreg Task Force took place in Bruges.

As usual, several items were discussed very fruitfully: the new AEBR’s pilot project “Interreg Volunteer Youth” (IVY); the updated AEBR’s Strategy & Action Plan; the final phase of the Commission’s Cross-Border Review; the future of Cohesion Policy and Interreg’s role in it; cross-border infrastructures (and, in particular, the CoR’s opinion on "Missing transport links in border regions"); cross-border crisis-management (in particular, EGTC’s conference on “Cross-border crisis management and natural disasters”); the current state of play of AEBR’s Task Forces (in particular: Interreg, External Borders, Culture and Gender); as well as upcoming activities, such as the series of events scheduled around the AEBR General Assembly and Annual Conference from 23 to 28 October in Extremadura.

AEBR warmly thanks colleagues from the Euregio Scheldemond who have been excellent hosts in welcoming participants and organising the meetings and extra activities.

A full report of the last Executive Committee Meeting will be published on AEBR’s website in the upcoming weeks. 

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