AEBR joined a seminar on EGTC implementation in Tomiño (EGTC Río Miño) (ES-PT):


At the border town of Tomiño (province of Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain), very close to the Portuguese border, a seminar was organized on 21st April to get updated information on the implementation of the EGTC Regulation and the state-of-the-art of this EU legal instrument for territorial cooperation. With the presence of the CoR, local and regional authorities from both sides of the border, universities and EGTCs from the Iberian Peninsula and from other parts of Europe, a very dynamic debate took place to exchange information about good practices in implementing different types of programmes using this instrument. The AEBR was represented by its Secretary General, who made a presentation about the role of the AEBR in the process to establish such an instrument. The CoR Platform of EGTCs presented the brand-new EGTC Monitoring Report 2016; and representatives of the Spanish-Portuguese EGTCS Galicia-Norte, Chaves-Verín, Duero-Douro, Guadiana Eurocity and León-Bragança, as well as the Eurodistrict Saar-Moselle (DE-FR) and Pons Danubii (HU-SK) presented their experiences in creating an EGTC and making it operational.

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