Interreg Volunteer Youth welcomes more and more host organisations and volunteers:

Manon, first ever deployed IVY and European Solidarity Corps volunteer

After only 3 months since its beginning, the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative has already deployed 6 volunteers on the ground in 4 different countries – and many more will follow soon.

In addition to our first two volunteers, Manon and Jasmin, we have recently welcomed three new Interreg Reporters: Silvia and Laura, respectively Italian and French young ladies, who started their volunteering journey on 22nd May at the Interreg France-Italy Programme (also known as “Alcotra”) in Turin, Italy; and  Assena, Bulgarian, who also started on 22nd May at the Northern Periphery and Artic Programme in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are happy to announce that the first Interreg Project Partner, Birgit, Italian, is also staring her adventure very soon (on 6th June) at the Eurac Research and will be involved in the project “GaYA” about governance and youth in the Alps.

We are happy to announce that more host organisations have confirmed their interest to join the initiative and they will soon be matched with our volunteers. In particular, we can count on the following Interreg Programmes: Interreg Baltic Sea, Interreg Central Europe, Interreg Europe, Interreg Flanders-Netherlands, Interreg Sudoe (Portugal-Spain-France), Euregio Rhein-Waal; and the following Interreg project beneficiaries/partners: Danubeparks, Eurodistrict Pamina and EUCC – The German Costal Union.

Last but not least, the European Commission has recently released a video showing our first-ever-deployed volunteer and Interreg Reporter, Manon Levrey, who is spending four and a half months in Budapest at the Danube Transnational Programme:!hW83pF 

Any host organisation (Interreg Programme or Project) willing to host a young motivated European can contact AEBR’s staff at

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