Brussels, 13 July 2017: Meeting of the AEBR TF Interreg :

AEBR TF Interreg meeting at the CoR Brussels

Under the chairmanship of Michiel Scheffer, Deputy of the Province of Gelderland, some 20 experts and representatives of European Border Regions discussed about the formulation of an AEBR statement on the importance of Interreg after 2020, define some key elements for successful CBC, and discuss how to better communicate this and other AEBR statements.

The main messages of this statement are:

  • Interreg is essential for CBC and should remain an important instrument post 2020.
  • Interreg A funds should be targeted to directly solve CB issues, by means of different kind of projects, including people-to-people.
  • Interreg programmes need to have a size and structure that support effective implementation, and need to be backed up by the EU and national authorities.


The current version of the AEBR Position Paper on this topic is available online.

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