AEBR’s activities during the European Week of Regions & Cities 2017:

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The European Week of Regions & Cities (EWRC) is coming up on 9-12 October in Brussels. AEBR is happy to have a relevant involvement especially with the organisation of three main events.

On Monday, 9 October, AEBR will host the ““Interreg Volunteer Youth Get Together” event, from 19:30 to 21:00 at the “Press Club Brussels Europe” (rue Froissart 95, Brussels). This is a European Week of Regions & Cities 2017 side event. This Get Together cocktail is an occasion to meet IVY volunteers from all over the EU but also their host organisations, representatives from EU institutions, regional offices as well as youth & volunteering associations together with experts of European Territorial Cooperation. If interested in joining, please let us know no later than 4 October to

Previously on that same day the Annual Meeting of the EGTCs Platform of the European Committee of the Regions will meet at the Jacques Delors Building. There will be many representatives of existing EGTCs taking part in this gathering which will focus on the future of cross-border cooperation and funding opportunities. You can find the programme in this link.


On 10 October, a strong CBC consortium under the leadership of TEIN, including the MOT, CESCI, the AEBR and the Commsision, have organized a workshop on Enhancing Capacities of Regions and Cities for Better Cross-Border Cooperation, where different projects for CBC capacity building will be presented and a coordinated proposal for joint action will be proposed.

Last but certainly not least, on 11 October, AEBR will moderate and host the workshop “Solidarity wanted: better call an Interreg volunteer!” from 11:15 to 13:00 where two IVY volunteers, a mentor, a representative from DG REGIO and a representative of the Committee of the Regions will debate on questions like:  what are the first achievements and challenges of this initiative? How do Interreg Programmes and Projects respond to it? What are young and engaged Europeans bringing as added-value to their host organisations? What are volunteers learning from this experience? Interact with the people involved & exchange on the role of youth in boosting European Territorial Cooperation.

IVY is the Interreg Volunteer Youth, an initiative of the European Commission (DG for Regional and Urban Development) within the European Solidarity Corps in order to deploy young volunteers to support and tell about Interreg projects and programmes. IVY is managed by the Association of European Border Regions since March 2017.

Other major activity with AEBR participation will be the launching of the Cohesion Alliance at the European Committee of the Regions (see below) on 11 October.

The #CohesionAlliance, promoted by the CoR and the associations since last June and supported by the European Parliament, has further progressed and it will be officially launched on 11 October in Brussels.

The #CohesionAlliance was created through cooperation between the leading European associations of cities and regions and the European Committee of the Regions to demand that the EU budget after 2020 makes cohesion policy stronger, more effective, visible and available for every region in the EU. From national, regional and local governments to SMEs, NGOs, schools, universities, cultural organisations, anyone who believes in EU cohesion policy will be welcome to join the #CohesionAlliance.

AEBR will also take part at specific meetings such as the Interact one on Staff Exchange, and other meetings organized by AEBR members, as usual, such as the presentation of the Foundation European-Iberoamerican Academy of Yuste by the President of Extremadura at the Spanish Embassy in Brussels on 10 October, some meetings with potential AEBR members, etc.

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