New borders in the EU? What will happen in Catalonia?:


Still reacting and adapting to the announcement of the Brexit, a new (old) issue appears very abruptly in the European agenda. After a set of irregularities regarding established legal procedures, a lack of dialogue between Spanish and Catalonian authorities, and a huge mismatch between all players, last 1st October we sadly witnessed how politics fail in the Iberian Peninsula. On the one hand, part of Catalonian society wants to leave Spain and the Catalonian institutions have decided to disobey the law calling for and organizing a self-determination referendum. On the other hand, Spanish institutions have not developed enough channels of dialogue beforehand, and have deployed disproportionate law enforcement bodies (police) which played full against citizens around Catalonian self-declared polling stations. While many try to remove border obstacles, others want to establish new borders in the EU. While we ask nation states to implement sounder subsidiarity, others ask for more nationalism, which may provoke a recession in European integration. This should not be just a Catalonian or a Spanish problem, this is a European issue, which has to do with identity, diversity (and subsidiarity).

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