Regional Council of South Karelia (Finland) signs a Memorandum of Co-operation with the Regional Council of Kharkiv (Ukraine):


Matti Viialainen, Regional Mayor of Southern Karelia (FI) met Sergei Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, during the visit of the latter to Finland at the end of August. During the meeting they discussed possible directions of co-operation and signed a Memorandum of replica watches

This Memorandum of Cooperation promote a exchange of views between Ukrainian and Finnish partners, who emphasized the importance of regional actors in promoting the overall well-being of their regions. Both sides also promise to actively support local, national and international initiatives aimed at democracy and sustainable development.

Sergei Chernov and Matti Viialainen discussed about the implementation of joint regional projects  and co-operation within international networks and EU programmes; the extension of contacts with the youth and universities of both regions through the exchange of students‘ delegations; and it was agreed the participation of business-circles and institutional players from South Karelia at the Slobozhanshina Forum of Innovation and Investment in Kharkiv on 21 September. Matti Viialainen explained the state-of-the-art on the implementation of the current huge and deep administrative and territorial reform in Finland.

As we have already informed, at the end of his stay in South Karelia, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council and the representatives of the South Karelian Government took part in a meeting of the AEBR’s Task Force on External Borders (TFEB) devoted to the 10th Jubilee of the constitution of the first AEBR TFs (TFEB and CB Health on 14 September 2007). This meeting has been organized between the IX TAEB Youth Forum and the celebrations of the Centennial of Finland (1917-2017). Kharkiv Regional Council offered to host the X Youth Forum in 2018.

Co-operation and communication will also be continued, for example, within the framework of the AEBR Task Force External Borders. This working group has organized in Ukraine meetings and round table discussions.

In the following link there are several photos

-          Exchange of greetings between Sergei Chernov and Matti Viialainen at the South Karelia Regional Council

-          Working meeting of both politicians and teams

-          Sergei Chernov and Martin Guillermo in Lappeenranta Patria Hotel, before the TFEB meeting

-          Johannes Moisio gives the Youth Forum Diploma to Sergei Chernov

-          More…

It is very important to take good note of this special relationship between border regions in Western and in Eastern Europe. In this issue of the AEBR News Digest we are informing about the relationship between a Ukrainian region (Kharkiv) bordering the Russian Federation and a Finish Region (South Karelia) which also borders Russia. It is worth to mention that Kharkiv is part of the Euroregion Slovozhanschina, together with the Russian province of Belgorod, but this Euroregion, as others in the area, has suffered a lot from the conflicts developed in the last years between both countries.

But regions keep on extending their cooperation links, despite of conflict. In the coming weeks (12-14 October, Cottbus/Forst) there will be a new set of meetings between the German district of Spree-Neiße and the Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober (DE/PL) and the Russian province of Kursk, bordering Ukraine and former part of the Euroregion Yaroslavna. This euroregion is no longer operational due to the absence of relationship with the sister Ukrainian province of Sumy. SNB has developed a very fruitful relationship with Kursk in the last years, with many exchanges in the field of health services, economic development and culture, among others.

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