Cáceres, 23 October 2017: Latin American CBC Workshop (AEBR-AEXCID), Complejo San Francisco :


Experts from Europe, Latin America and Africa debated on EU cooperation processes and new international cooperation forms, stressing the strong Union’s cooperation with Latin America, and the need to reinforce a diversification of EU Cooperation with Africa. The event was organised by AEBR with support of AEXCID (Agencia Extremeña de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo) and in cooperation with Diputación de Cáceres and Fundación Academia Europea e Iberoamericana de Yuste. 

The main aim was to present the studies and initiatives implemented by the AEBR in Latin America since 2010: study visits, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc., involving more than 1,000 actors and producing the strengthening of numerous (bottom-up) processes, the involvement of nation states, the promotion of inter-governmental dialogue on CB issues, and the elaboration of CBC projects, programmes, strategies and structures. Then a dialogue was developed with European and Latin American institutions and NGOs in order to explore the consolidation of territorial cooperation within international cooperation practices, as a good way to promote integration, inclusion, the participation of all territories in international cooperation and achieve a higher degree of territorial cohesion also in third countries.

Via the following link you can watch the video recordings of this session: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6NBJqyhcfrPDx-KSFf7EjQhsZGKvTPPr



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