AEBR Youth Charter for Cross-border Cooperation is created by young people from all over Europe at the AEBR TFEB youth events during the 2016 and 2017.

During the General Assembly of the AEBR, at the Task Force of External Borders meeting on 26th October 2017 the AEBR Youth Charter for Cross-border Cooperation was presented and opened for public consultations.

Charter is aiming to give the framework for creating solutions for improving youth action and increase youth possibilities to get involved, to initiate and to implement regional and cross-border activities and project in society. The framework consist three points of view: What can Youth do for Society?; and What can Society do for Youth?; and What can Youth do for Youth?. 

With this Charter AEBR Young Leaders for Cross-border Cooperation created the framework for achieving common vision that youth must take full involvement in regional and cross-border society development through participation and information exchange. Young people must motivate other youngsters in their environments to act and participate in all aspects of society, including environment protection, economic and social development. And as far are culture, media and reconciliation concerned, promotion and positive information exchanges are crucial for better tomorrow.

Main mission and duty of AEBR Young Leaders is to look for, and gather all relevant problems in order to find solutions to improve youth action and increase youth possibilities to get involved, to initiate and to implement regional and cross-border project. Common mission is found in creation of this Charter and promotion of youth regional and cross-border activity and action. More detailed missions are everyday once. They include developing social skills, improving youth possibilities and conquering difficulties and solving common regional and cross-border problems. They are connected to each and every young person, and for improving that person’s ability to participate in social activities and decision making, we must start from that one person and create network of positive energy for youth cross-border, regional and transnational actions.

We are kindly inviting you to give your contribution in finalising the AEBR Youth Charter for CBC by sending your remarks and suggestions before the next AEBR Executive Meeting. 

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