AEBR Annual Conference 2018:


On occasion of AEBR’s annual conference of 2018, host organization Bothnian Arc and AEBR offered to the members, practitioners and interested in cross-border issues a programme focused on smart cross-border cooperation possibilities to enhance growth in European border regions.

Taking on a highly interesting set of topics, experts and the public exchanged on ways to facilitate cross-border labour force mobility, discussed the chances which arises thanks to digitalisation, inquired the consequences of smart specialisation and the prospects opening for public services. Debates have been inspired by the example of the region of Oulu, the most rapidly growing economic area in Arctic Europe, and of the Bothnian Arc, a cross-border area shared by Finland and Sweden which is an attractive hub for young people, universities and higher education institutions, international companies and investments. Full-fledged and fruitful discussions amongst politicians, cross-border practitioners, representatives of European institutions, academia and the private sectors from all European corners followed, enriched also by the contributions shared during the second event of the Cross-Border School.

By clicking here you can access the final version of the programme with links to the different presentations.

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