Cross-border Award “Sail of Papenburg” 2018 :


Since 2002, AEBR, ensuing an initiative of the Ems Dollart region, bestows annually the Cross Border Award „Sail of Papenburg", the only Europe-wide tendered prize for cross-border cooperation.  The theme of the award for 2018 was “Education and Employment in Cross-Border Regions”, and the jury appointed the first prize to EGTC Eurodistrict PAMINA for its strategy to foster Education and Employment in the region, which encouraged initiatives like “Employment region PAMINA” and “Weltenbummler – Passe-Partout”.

Eurodistrict PAMINA has implemented measures to foster cross-border education and employment possibilities since 2003, and the two projects contribute to the general strategy plan with a significant focus since 2017. The objectives of Eurodistric PAMINA are the achievement of the socio-economic integration of the cross-border region, the promotion of bilingualism and the learning of the neighbour’s language, strengthening the economy and employment in the cross-border region, tackling current problems concerning employment and solving problems of frontier workers/commuters and helping to overcome border obstacles.

Further valuable initiatives have been awarded, too.

The second place was conferred to a network of partners in the Danish-German border region for the successful implementation of the project “STaRForCE – Strong Talents Ready for Cross-border Education”.

The project, running under the Interreg Programme Deutschland-Danmark, aims to facilitate vocational trainings and educational qualification which are recognised in both parts of the cross-border region, strengthening thus the regional labour market.

The EGTC Euroregion Nouvelle Aquitaine Euskadi Navarre received the third place thanks to the implemented strategy to develop a cross-border employment pool, as the projects “EMPLEO” and "ESKOLA FUTURA (Irakaslegaiak AEN)” which foster cross-border workers mobility, multilingualism and education.

This year, AEBR has received 15 applications to the award from border regions from all over Europe, showing the relevance of such initiative. The award “Sail of Papenburg” intends to praise measures implementing cross-border cooperation.

The award honours particular achievements in the area of cross-border cooperation in the cultural, economic,  institutional, environmental and social sphere in a border or cross-border region. Beyond recognition, the award also aims to motivate border and cross-border regions to actively  contribute to a better understanding and better relations at the borders between nations  throughout Europe. In this light, the award prises particularly measures which show a strong  added value of promoting European integration and the borders, as well as clear replicability. In 2018, thanks to the high participation in the call, the willingness to honour good practices of cross-border cooperation was felt very strongly.

Mr Bernhard Bramlage, Chairman of the Jury of the “Sail of Papenburg” Award, bestowed the awards on occasion of AEBR’s General Assembly and Annual Conference in Oulu.

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