Streamlining TEN-T implementation :


At its Plenary Session of 6-7 February 2019, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) adopted the opinion on "Streamlining TEN-T implementation" by rapporteur Michiel Scheffer (NL/ALDE), stressing the need to complete TEN-T core and comprehensive network to ensure territorial cohesion and boost development in peripheral and cross-border regions.

The CoR underlines that the completion of the TEN-T core and comprehensive network is the key to ensuring territorial cohesion, making all European regions more accessible and boosting the economic development of peripheral and cross-border regions.

Streamlining and simplifying administrative processes must not be undertaken at the expense of subsidiarity and proportionality. Tailor-made approaches should respect the administrative structures and multi-level governance within Member States. They must be practicable and not have negative impacts on local and regional authorities.

The CoR suggests that instead of applying the proposed procedure to all TEN-T projects, the regulation should specify which projects fall under its application. Also, if a Member State already has streamlined procedures in place, they should remain valid.

The intention of the proposal to facilitate cross-border cooperation for the development of transport links is of key importance for the CoR. Streamlined procedures would facilitate the implementation of projects in border regions.

The opinion is available in all language versions on the CoR internet site.

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