In Memoriam: Professor Charles Ricq-Chappuis:

Photo: Courtesy of the Ricq Family

Professor Charles Ricq passed away on 30 July 2018. AEBR will bear memory of his engagement and contribution. With sincere sympathy and recognition we expressed our deepest condolence to his family in due time and would like to share it with our members and friends on this opportunity.

Emeritus Professor of the University of Geneva, Charles Ricq was a very good friend of AEBR since the very beginning. In his position as Secretary General of the European Centre for Observation of the Regions (COEUR) at the University of Geneva (CH) founded in 1974 by Denis de Rougemont, and as advisor of the Council of Europe, the Committee of the Regions and other institutions, he made numerous works on cross-border cooperation, regional integration and related topics.

Since studying philosophy, economics and sociology (in Paris, Rome and Brussels), Charles Ricq dedicated his life to applying Denis de Rougement’s vision to his research and teaching on European integration, institutions, economics, territory, frontiers, identity and culture, in particular in its border regions.

Here you can read here an interesting interview to Charles Ricq from 2015 in on the occasion of the Scottish referendum.

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