AEBR received great attention during the European Summit of Cities and Regions in Bucharest on 14-15 March 2019 :


AEBR vice-president Pavel Branda participated in the important thematic debate with commissioner Cretu and shared with the audience composed by more than 500 EU, national and local politicians the AEBR position on the future support of cross-border cooperation. 

He mentioned that Interreg for almost 30 years had real tangible impact on everyday lives of citizens and that we were able to accomplish this with very limited amount of resources. In the view of its clear EU added value we expected that It would be strenghtened. Even if this was not the case, it is still positive that INTERREG is maintained as a part of Cohesion Policy. 

The title of the session was Territorial cohesion to bring EU‘s citizens together. Dr. Branda mentioned that “nowhere is the need stronger than in border regions and nothing does it better than small cross-border people-to-people projects. For last 3 years we have tried to make these projects known in Brussels and have them anqored in the regulation which, I am glad to say, for the first time, is the case”. He also welcomed that the Commission went beyond Interreg (beyond the funding) and in the process of cross-border review carried out in-depth analysis of remaining border obstacles and develops efforts to take steps to overcome them. He mentioned that AEBR is now cooperating with DG REGIO on B-solutions - pilot projects trying to identify legal and administrative obstacles for CBC and find solutions. The debate also touched on the topic of better communicating Cohesion Policy. Pavel Branda in this connection mentioned the IVY initiative carried out by AEBR engaging more that 270 young people in reporting on Interreg programmes and projects. 

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