EUREGHA event on CB Health in Lower Austria:


There is a growing interest in the development of deeper CBC on healthcare issues. Here you will find some links to interesting documents and the initiative of EUREGHA and partners in this direction, including a meeting of the thematic network Healthcare in CB Regions and a study visit in Lower Austria last 13-15 March.

Cross-Border Healthcare is becoming a flagship for the Commission to involve thematic DGs in the promotion of CBC. However, the engagement of interested AEBR members in this task force has dropped steadily in the last years, probably due to an increasing number of networks and commitments. Nevertheless, AEBR Secretariat General has followed developments at EU level and has kept regular contacts with DG Santé and other stakeholders, e.g. during the activities of the Cross-Border Review in 2015-2017, the follow up events of the Commission’s Communication on Border Regions and several ad hoc events, including the active participation in a Conference Enhancing Healthcare Cooperation in Cross-Border Regions, jointly organized by DG Regio and DG Santé on 4 December in.

There, some exchanges have been developed with the network EURHEGA (European Regional and Local Health Authorities), which coordinates the thematic network “Healthcare in Cross-Border Regions”, involving Health Across initiative, EU Prevent, the Cross-Border Cerdanya Hospital and various regional health authorities, mostly from border regions.

AEBR Secretary General also took part in the first meeting of this network in St. Pölten (Lower Austria) on 13-15 March, including study visits to the hospitals of Melk and Gmünd, and has proposed to get involved in the network. Euregio Meuse-Rhine and DKMT attended this event too.

After this Conference and study visits in Lower Austria, EUREGHA, together with Healthacross and euPrevent is consolidating the many inputs arising during the discussion into a draft Joint Statement on Healthcare in Cross-Border Region. They are using a collaborative approach to involve as many contributions as possible.

On 26th of June, a second updated version of the Joint Statement will be discussed at the meeting of the CoR Interregional Group on Health and Wellbeing (IRGHW).

Last 30th April the Joint Statement was presented during a webinar hosted by DG SANTE on the EU Health Policy Platform. If you were not able to participate in the webinar, you can watch the recorded video.

There are other interesting documents for those interested in the follow-up of developments in this field: Here you have a brochure edited by DG Santé The Top Ten Mistakes Patients Make in Cross-Border Healthcare; and here is the study finalized in 2018 on “capitalizing on existing initiatives for cooperation in cross-border regions”. Please notice before printing that the latter is a very long document and it is included for information.

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