AEBR III Cross-Border School, General Assembly and Annual Conference 2019:

Cross-border Culture Cooperation and the Culture of Cross-Border Cooperation


AEBR’s Annual Conference 2019 will take place in Dresden on 24 and 25 October 2019, with the title “Cross-border Culture Cooperation and the Culture of Cross-Border Cooperation”. Bringing together AEBR’s members from border regions inside and outside the European Union and many more stakeholders, the event offers a unique opportunity to discuss current topics of interest for regional and local policy-makers, academicians and actors involved in cooperation. The annual conference is an open event upon registration.


Border and cross-border regions are involved in Interreg projects, promoting people-to-people contact, knowledge and collaboration. We are trying to identify solutions to overcome cross-border obstacles, and we are also fighting Euro-scepticism and promote a better understanding of EU programmes (particularly territorial ones) through the deployment of young volunteers (IVYs). A better awareness of territorial cooperation amongst young Europeans promotes the values of European integration and territorial cohesion, while the identification of major obstacles and possible solutions supports place-based approaches for cross-border territories, even if they are complex. With all of these, we want to contribute to increase the level of trust among Europeans. This wants to be the main message of our Conference in Dresden.

Euroregion Elbe-Labe (DE-CZ) will launch the Czech-German Culture Days with various events, including the celebration of AEBR General Assembly and Annual Conference, the III Cross-Border School, a coordination meeting of AEBR Executive Committee and various workshops organized by AEBR members and partners.

Prior to AEBR Annual Conference 2019, the third AEBR Cross-Border School will take place on Wednesday 23 October, dealing with “The Culture of Cross-Border Cooperation”: we will discuss borders in a globalised context, success stories of cross-border cooperation as a strategy to face Euroscepticism and the provision of services across national borders - workshops and debates to deepen the discussion will follow the presentations in the afternoon. The audience and the academics will have the chance to interact and exchange suggestions about books and other material in order to enhance knowledge in this specific field.

This time four universities — Technical University of Dresden (DE), University of Twente (NL), Radboud University (NL), and Liberec University (CZ)— will provide a day filled with presentations, discussions and workshops about the latest academic research and current situation of CBC in the EU.

This event is a unique opportunity to learn about latest research and trends on cross border cooperation, as well as a meeting point for related actors and experts from all over Europe and beyond. Academicians and practitioners will discuss with the audience the added value of cross border cooperation against the backdrop of the current political situation locally and globally. A meeting of AEBR German Group is planned on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday 24 October AEBR statutory bodies (Executive Committee and General Assembly) will meet in the morning, while in the afternoon and following day, AEBR Annual Conference will take place following the draft programme included in the next pages. On Friday 25 October, a series of workshops (at least one organized by AEBR Task Force External Borders, and another one in collaboration with ESPON and Interact) is planned on Friday afternoon.

There will be a series of cultural and social events. On Thursday evening the Czech-German Culture Days will be officially opened in Pirna. On Friday afternoon an event is planned at the Hygienemuseum in Dresden, including a project presentation and a guided tour. Friday evening a gala reception is planned for AEBR guests at the Kultur Kraftwerk in Dresden and, on Saturday 26 October, a study visit to Czech side of Euroregion Elbe-Labe: Ústí nad Labem, Řehlovice, Krupka and Litoměřice.

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