The European Week of Regions and Cities 2019: opportunities for local and regional authorities:


The Association of European Border Regions is partner of three workshops to be held at the European Week of Regions and Cities taking place in Brussels from the 07th to the 10thOctober 2019. The deadline to register to the event is next Friday, the 27th October - do not miss the chance to get informed and exchange about the most current topics on regional policy-making. Join AEBR’s team in discussing ways to solve obstacles to cross-border cooperationhow to engage citizens while communicating about Cohesion Policy, and which opportunities will arise for regions at the external borders of the EU.

AEBR has chosen to analyse in depth three key aspects of the future programming period for the European Union: new possible tools to bring cooperation forward, communication and involvement of the citizens in EU matters and the new role of the EU external borders.

The workshops co-organised by AEBR are following ones:

“Future role of regions on Eastern External borders of the EU”, Wednesday 9 October 2019, from 14:30  to 16:00.

From 2021, Neighbourhood Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes will be managed by DG Regio. What will change for local and regional authorities in border regions? Focusing particularly on Eastern external borders of the EU, speakers and the public will dwell on the cross-border cooperation as a policy tool to enhance sustainable neighbouring relationships.

The team leader of TESIM, Carlos Bolaños, will contribute with the perspective from the central management of ENI CBC Programmes. Elena Itani, Project coordinator at the Development Agency of Volyn, Ukraine, and Sanda Šimić, Assistant Director of Serbian European Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia, will enrich the discussion with the experience of stakeholders from outside the EU. Finally, Eira Varis, Regional development manager at the Regional Council of North Karelia, will represent local authorities from regions located at the external border of the European Union.

“Completing the toolbox to overcome legal obstacles in cross-border regions”, Wednesday 9 October 2019, from 16:30 to 19:00 

Together with the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy, AEBR invites policy-makers to engage in overcoming legal and administrative obstacles which hinder cooperation between border regions within the EU. Ensuing the Communication “Boosting Border Regions” released by the European Commission in 2017, two main initiatives aim at providing new policy tools to facilitate cooperation across borders: the proposal for a European Cross-Border Mechanism to overcome legal and administrative obstacles, as well as the pilot project “b-solutions”, an initiative managed by AEBR to allow local stakeholders to address specific cases of legal and administrative obstacles.

Project partners involved in initiative b-solutions will share their experience in implementing ground-breaking projects.

“The EU at Hand: New Inputs from Volunteers”, Thursday 10 October 2019, from 11:30 to 13:00

Communication is a crucial element of policy making, and citizens of all age should be informed about the endeavours of European projects in their regions. AEBR manages the initiative promoted by DG Regio “Interreg Volunteer Youth” since 2017, deploying young volunteers in Interreg programmes and Projects to communicate about European Territorial Cooperation. Since spring 2019, volunteers also organise events aimed at informing the local population about Cohesion Policy on behalf of the European Commission. During the workshop, the volunteers will show what they have achieved by informing about Interreg with a limited budget and a lot of creativity, introducing the audience to new ways of thinking and communicating Europe.

Other workshops of interest for border and cross-border regions are:

European cross border maritime cooperation post-2020

Tuesday, 8 October, 11.30-13.00

More information here

Cross-Border Territories: Crucial places for engaging citizens for the future of Europe

Tuesday, 8 October, 16.30-19.00

More information here

Parallel programme of EUREGIO

Tuesday, 8 October, and Wednesday, 9 October. Several appointments in different locations in Brussels will take place. Access the programme in German here, in Dutch here.

Future of Europe: A case for plurilingualism & cultural cooperation in cross-border regions

Wednesday, 9 October, 09:15-10:45

More information here

Better evidence on cross-border regions and INTERREG impacts

Thursday, 10 October, 09.15-10.45

More information here

The role of Twin Cities and border regions for the future of Europe

Thursday, 10 October, 10:00 – 13:00 h, Representation of Brandenburg to the European Union, Rue Joseph II 108, B-1000 Brussels (for more information please contact Mr Soeren Bollmann at

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