II Cross-Border Days of Cooperation and Health in Cerdanya , Puigcerdá, 14-15 June 2019:


Puigcerdá is the capital of Cerdanya region, between France and Catalonia. It also hosts the Cross-Border Hospital which is a flagship EGTC to provide healthcare through two asymmetric health systems across a national boundary. Apart from a very innovative facility, is a laboratory of European integration, single market, etc. The beautiful Pyrenean town hosted a conference on Cross-Border Healthcare Cooperation in the framework of Prospect Tasso project, coordinated by the University of Perpignan, gathering many organisations involved in this very dynamic border area.

This conference was organized in Puigcerdá on 14-15 June 2019 in collaboration with the Interreg POCTEFA, the Association Joseph Sauvy and the project Prospect Tasso, coordinated by the University of Perpignan, and the EGTC Cross-border Hospital in Cerdanya. Cross-border healthcare cooperation in the Cerdanya region was developed by the heads of the cross-border hospital in Cerdanya, other facilities and health authorities in the French and the Catalan side of the Spanish-French border. Three workshops followed on the topics:

  1. Administrative and normative obstacles for CBC, in particular on the harmonisation of professional practice.
  2. Care pathway in the cross-border space
  3. Modalities of medical and social care in the cross-border area

Other topics presented in following sessions were the project ProspecTsaso, the border effects on healthcare for the elderly and, last but not least, a series of experiences and challenges for CBC in health and social care. Among the speakers: AEBR Secretary General, the Director of the Working Community of the Pyrenees, other experts and authorities.

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