Cross-Border Health:


Cross-border Health:


On 28th February, the Council of Ministers validated the European Parliament’s amendments of the draft directive on cross-border healthcare, with the exception of the Austrian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovak delegations. Therefore, the directive to facilitate access to safe and high quality cross-border health care, will be applicable in August 2013.


The Parliament adopted on 8th March a resolution on reducing health inequalities, including provisions both on assisted reproduction and on abortion.


The Commission has made an online consultation on 4th March to ensure a coordinated European response to infectious diseases and other serious cross-border health threats, such us chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and environmental events. The main idea is to complement existing EU legislation, currently limited to infectious diseases.


A new regulation adopted on 3rd March extends the automatic recognition of qualifications to specialists in medical oncology and medical genetics. For the professionals concerned, moving to another Member state to work will become much simpler.

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