Amongst the many current debates in the European Union, the one with most implications for all European policies is on the Financial Perspectives of the EU for the next programming period. However, measures to strengthen the Union’s role in the world, i.e. the Common External Policy of the EU and its relationship with neighbouring countries, should also raise our attention, as it has to do with the security and the cohesion of the European territory but also with the European weight in the game of globalization. The re-appearance of the “Schengen debate” adds confusion and challenges even more EU institutions (see page 4 of the AEBR Newsflash for April 2011).


In this sense, the AEBR Newsflash March 2011 devoted its front page to the Mediterranean question, and now we would like to draw our readers’ attention on the “Eastern Partnership”. The AEBR has always been following this very closely, due to the presence of AEBR members in most of these countries, and also to the growing cross-border dynamics in most of related border areas. In 2011 we will also celebrate our General Assembly and Annual Conference in Kursk (Euroregion Yaroslavna, Russian Federation), 22-24 September, paying a special attention to the development of cross-border cooperation at the external borders of the EU and far beyond.


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