Accession: most remaining chapters are being satisfactory closed in the ongoing accession process of Croatia to the EU.


On 10th June the Commission gave green light to Croatia’s EU membership bid. And now it is up to the Council to approve formally the Commission’s position, paving the way for Croatia to join the EU as the 28th MS on 1st July 2013. Key dates:

-          21st June: EU-Croatia Inter-Governmental Conference to close some remaining chapters, on the sidelines of the EU General Affairs Council, Luxembourg. IGC postponed.

-          23-24 June: European Council to approve Croatia’s accession

-          End of June: IGC should take place.

-          Second half of 2011: Accession Treaty to be signed and ratification process to be launched.

-          30 days after signature of the Accession Treaty, at the latest: Croatia has to hold a referendum on EU membership.

-          1st July 2013: Croatia to join the EU.


In any case, four chapters were still open in the moment of writing this article:

-          Judiciary and Fundamental Rights

-          Competition Policy

-          Finance and Budgetary Provisions

-          Other Issues



Another issue is Serbia. A normalisation of the relations with Kosovo is a pre-requisite to join the EU. The solution could be the Serbian ok for Kosovo to join the UN and other international organizations. Serbia hopes to open EU accession talks at the end of this year.

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