History of AEBR

The following time periods are of particular importance:
AEBR Fora on
  • Transport as an instrument for territorial cohesion and cooperation (04.-05.02.2010, Huesca, Aragón/Spain)
  • Cross-Border Response to current regional development challenges across Europe – Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) at the EU External Borders (18.02.2010, Oulu, Finland)
EGTC and European Territorial Cooperaiton Summit: The EGTCs and cross-border cooperation
(organised in the framework of the Spanish Presidency, 02.-04.05.2010, Cáceres, Spain)
In the AEBR Chronology, you will find information about the activities of our association since its creation in 1971.

Former Presidents:

Foto: Präsident Lambert van Nistelrooij
2008: Opinion/Position Papers of AEBR on:
  • the future cohesion policy of the European Union;
  • AEBR Position Paper on Territorial Cohesion
  • Publication of the English version of Cooperation between European Border Regions. Review and Perspectives; (Original in German, published in 2007)
  • AEBR Fora 2008:
    • European Co-operation in the health sector II. Added value for people, economy and regions (22.02.08, Basle, Switzerland)
    • Role of the Regions at the EU borders: the Cross-Border Co-operation in the Mediterranean and its new instruments, 13.03.2008, Taormina, Sicily, Italy)
    • Cross-border cooperation of universities and research centres. Contribution to regional development (03.04.08, Trieste, Italy)
    • Cross-border Transport Networks (09.09.2008, Zaragoza, Spain)
  • Establishment of the AEBR Task Force Border Languages
2006: Statements and/or proposals of the AEBR on the:
  • European Parliament report “New prospects and new challenges for a sustainable European tourism” (A6-00235/2005 final)
  • Commission communication “Modern SME Policy for Growth and Employment”, COM(2005)551 final;
  • Territorial Agenda;
  • European Parliament report “The Role of Territorial Cohesion in Regional Development” (Final A6-0251/2005);
  • AEBR position paper Cross-Border Healthcare;
  • AEBR report Cross-Border Cooperation - European priority and political objective of the EU - Beyond 2013;
2004: Statements and/or proposals of the AEBR on the following Commission proposals:
  • ENPI
  • IPA
  • ERDF, ESF and Cohesion Fund
  • EGTC
Foto: Präsident Joan M. Vallvé
  • brochure "30 Years of Working Together" on the occasion of AEBR's anniversary (82 members).
  • Study for the Committee of the Regions: Transeuropean Co-operation between Territorial Authorities – New challenges and future steps necessary (2001)
  • Helpdesk for the project “RFO Change on Borders” (November 2003 - October 2007)
  • Study for the European Commission: Towards a new Community legal instrument facilitating public-law based trans-European co-operation among territorial authorities in the European Union (2004)
Foto: Präsident Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble
  • assistance in the establishment of cross-border regions in Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe;
  • 1st edition of the "Practical Guide to Cross-border Co-operation" (1996);
  • revision of the "European Charter of Border and Cross-border Regions" (1995);
  • appointment of Jens Gabbe as honorary Secretary General of AEBR in 1987 (50 members).
Foto: Präsident Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble
  • "European Charter of Border and Cross-border Regions" worked out by AEBR (11.11.1981).
  • 15 Members (1982)
Foto: Präsident Horst Gerlach
  • participation in the drawing up of the "European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Cooperation" at the Council of Europe (Madrid Outline Convention).
Foto: Präsident Alfred Mozer
  • first contacts with the European Commission and the Council of European Municipalities (12 members).