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  • Pekka Järviö: Cross-Border Cooperation - Benefiting from Borders
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland(ed.); 2011
  • Pekka Järviö: Implementation of EU external border cooperation after 2012, particularly on borders with the Russian Federation
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland(ed.); 2011
  • Article on CBC published in Europolitics
  • 2011: AEBR contribution to the Roaming Consultation of the European Commission
  • AEBR(ed.): Membership Contribution Structure of AEBR as of 2011
    Revised by the General Assembly of AEBR on 21 October 2010 in Dundalk
  • AEBR(ed.): Summary of the Sixth Progress Report of the European Commission on Economic and Social Cohesion, August
  • AEBR and Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography(ed.): Map of cross-border cooperation areas
  • AEBR and EuRegio Salzburg - Berchtesgadener Land - Traunstein(ed.): Final declaration of the Political Forum
    "Rural development and border regions"
    Cloister of Seeon 2007