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Info session on b-solutions 2.0 : focus on borders with IPA countries

Organised by the b-solutions team of AEBR, this webinar will take place in the follow up of a general info session on b-solutions 2.0 call for proposals and will focus on the borders between EU countries and IPA countries (Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, the Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina). It will provide information to public bodies and cross-border structures located in these areas which are interested in finding out more on:

– the b-solutions 2.0 initiative and the application procedure for the call for proposals;

– the types of legal/administrative obstacles which can be faced at a border between an EU and an IPA country;

– and the applicant’s benefits for joining this European project.

We will answer your questions and give you example of previous cases, having in mind that the b-solutions 2.0 call for proposals includes for the first time applicants sharing a border with IPA countries. In the meantime, you can learn more on our project on b-solutions’ website:


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