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Info session on b-solutions 2.0 : focus on public services

People living in border regions often find themselves located far away from services within their national boundaries and digitally insufficiently connected, but close to proximity services on the other side of the border. Some border regions already have a long tradition of sharing public services or even of pooling resources to offer proximity services to all residents living on both sides of a national border.

Organised by the b-solutions team of AEBR, this webinar will focus on cross-border public services and the obstacles which hinder the development of such services for the cross-border populations.

The online event will provide information to public bodies and cross-border structures interested in finding out more on:

– the b-solutions 2.0 initiative and the application procedure for the call for proposals;

– the types of legal/administrative obstacles preventing an efficient cooperation in the area of cross-border public services;

– and the applicant’s benefits for joining this European project.

We will answer your questions and give you example of previous cases related to cross-border public services. In the meantime, you can learn more on our project on b-solutions’ website:



14:00pm – 14:30pm: Presentation by AEBR

14:30pm – 14:45pm: Q&A session


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