Improving information for commuters in European border regions (2011-2012)

Project title: Improving information for commuters in European border regions (2011-2012) - Project part-financed by the EU
Project number: VP/2011/004/0096
Project starting date: 1.12.2011
Project end date: 31.12.2012
Project duration: 13 mois

Cross-border mobility is of particular importance in the border regions, as it is part of the every-day life of citizens to cross the border, either to get to their work places or for leisure purposes. It can be said that border regions are engines and also laboratories of cross-border cooperation. No other continent than Europe has such a dense net of national borders. At these interfaces, different cultural and linguistic and, above all, also legal and administrative systems clash. Social security is a remarkable example for the complexity of the barriers, which can be found at the internal and external borders of the European Union.

The present project focuses particularly on the barriers of social security in border regions. Due to their peripheral location and the clashing of different social security systems, legislation, languages and cultures, these regions are often handicapped. Furthermore, it is often extremely difficult for small groups to be heard in the capitals.
We would like to discuss this important topic with you in our forum on cross-border labour market. You can leave a contribution on our forum using following link -> FORUM

  • Video-conference with interested partners on 25 January 2012 -> Report
  • Project workshop on 19th April 2012 in Brussels -> Report
  • Project workshop in Kraków on 7th September 2012 -> Report
  • Open Days event in Brussels on 9th October 2012 -> Report
  • Final project conference in Berlin on 9th November 2012 -> Report


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