EU-Latin America collaboration on Cross-border Co-operation in the framework of Regional Policy (2011-2013)

Project title: EU-Latin America collaboration on Cross-border Co-operation in the framework of Regional Policy (2011-2013) - Colaboración UE-Latinoamérica sobre Cooperación Transfronteriza en el marco de la Política Regional
Project number: Ref. nº 2011.CE.16.0.AT.044 (2011-2012) and Ref. n° 2012.CE.160.AT.0.35 (2012-2013)
Project starting date: 7.12.2011
Project end date: 30.11.2013
Project duration: 12 months per project

The input of the European Commission to Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) through the Directorate General of Regional and Urban Policy (DG Regio) incorporates a growing number of territorial elements into the strategic association of the EU with Latin America. Local and regional authorities play a growing role, while national governments have incorporated CBC in their agendas. From the conclusions and recommendations of the study “CBC in Latin America: contribution to the regional integration process” promoted the European Commission (DG Regio) in 2010 with the support of the European Parliament, a road map was proposed which included as main elements the generation of political will and systematic training of local actors. The actions implemented by different players at local, regional and national level, as well as supranational processes in Latin America (MERCOSUR, Andean Community, UNASUR), and some territorial cooperation structures have been followed. 

The projects “EU-Latin America collaboration on Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) in the Framework of Regional Policy” (contracts with reference 2011.CE.16.0.AT.044 and 2012.CE.160.AT.0.35) had as main tasks the organization of information sessions in Europe and workshops on the ground for Latin American experts and politicians involved in CBC (click here for a map of all areas involved in the information sessions and workshops).

Tasks implemented in the scope of contract 2011.CE.16.0.AT.044 :

Info Session I (14-29/4/2012, experts and politicians from Chile-Argentina and Chile-Peru-Bolivia, visit to the German-Dutch-Belgian and German-Austrian-Czech cross-border regions) 
WS-1a6 June 2012, Iquique, Region of Tarapacá, Chile
7 June 2012, Arica, Region of Arica & Parinacota, Chile

Info Session II
30/04/2012-14/05/2012, experts and politicians from Brasil-Argentina-Paraguay and Brasil-Uruguay, visit to the Spanish-Portuguese and Spanish-French cross-border regions   
WS-2a11 June 2012, Foz do Iguaçu, State of Paraná, Brazil
WS-2b: 15 June 2012, Montevideo, Uruguay  

Tasks implemented in the scope of contract 2012.CE.160.AT.0.35

Info Session III         Info Session IV

WS-3a   WS-3b          WS-4a   WS-4b

Side-Events: (coming soon)

Factsheets on CBC in Latin America / Fichas de cooperación transfronteriza in America Latina: 

Rombo ISIS (Iquique - Santa Cruz - Iguazú - Salta)
Rombo del Plata
Eje del Paraná

Online forum/E-learning platform (under construction)

Manual on CBC (coming soon)

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