L´AQUA “Legends and myths on water for European tourist routes”, Agreement no: S12.682304

Project title: L´AQUA “Legends and myths on water for European tourist routes”, Agreement no: S12.682304 - Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage - 69/G/ENT/PPA/13/41
Project number: Agreement no: S12.682304
Project starting date: 1.8.2014
Project end date: 31.1.2016
Project duration: 18 months
Funding: This project has been co-funded with support from the European Commission.

Project description:

Project l’AQUA started on 1st August 2014. It shall run for 18 months.

L’AQUA focuses on the tourism potential of intangible heritage in relation to water, establishing a transnational product and route, with its regional sectors, covering in total 8 areas/countries where water and related activities play an important role in their geography and/or history. The new product will in particular take into account sagas, myths, legends and traditions associated to water.

In this sense L’AQUA has the aim to:

-       Create and distribute and raise awareness of the rich intangible heritage made of local stories, legends, sagas, characters, where the project partners and other stakeholders from the tourism sector have already accumulated knowledge, and  how this heritage can be further exploited for transnational touristic offers, services  and products.

-     Give the opportunity to local communities and tourist companies and organisations and other interested parties for the incorporation and sharing of new stories,  legends, sagas, characters and link these to their own tourism offer.

-      Create the l’AQUA network which manages the transnational product and guarantees the quality and adequacy of the touristic offer through the application  and implementation of a standardised methodology and processes.

-     Stimulate the cooperation between SMEs (and other enterprises) from the tourism sector and with public entities, and support the creation of joint tourism offers,  products and services related to myths and legends and other traditions related to  water.

-    Enhance in every stage of the project and route public private partnership and transnational cooperation.


Project partners:

  • AEI Cluster de Turismo de Extremadura - established in Spain
  • Cyprus University of Technology - established in Cyprus
  • Stichting Business Development Friesland - established in The Netherlands
  • Karuskose OlJ - established in Estonia
  • Provincia di Terni from Italy
  • Velencei-tavi Fejlesztesi Nonprofit Kft - established in Hungary
  • Universidad de Extremadura / RED Universidades Lectoras - established in Spain
  • Partenalia aisbl - established in Belgium
  • Fundacion para el Desarrollo Infotecnologico de Empresas y Sociedad - established in Spain
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europäischer Grenzregionen - established in Germany
  • Junta de Extremadura/Consejeria de Economia, Competitividad e Innovacion/DG Empresa y Actividad Empresarial - established in Spain

More  information:

L’AQUA webpage: http://www.laquaroutes.com/

L’AQUA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Laqua/1520171544908870

L’AQUA on Twitter: https://twitter.com/laquaproject


1st Progress Meeting on 18 and 19 February 2015 in Terni (IT)


Flyer (edition October 2015)

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