24.04. - 25.04.2013

2nd European seminar on sustainable urban rural partnerships

Lieu de la manifestation: Copernicus Science Center, ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warsaw

Urban-rural linkages are high on the policy agenda. Both the European Parliament and the Council would like to see a reinforcement of such linkages in the current negotiations over the future Cohesion Policy. The reasons are manifold: improvement of territorial cohesion through better accessibility to services, stimulation of economic development and job creation through stronger integration of functional areas, increased resource efficiency and more efficient land-use through more developed territorial governance.

The European Commission, in collaboration with the Polish Mazovia region and the OECD, is organising a European Seminar on Sustainable Urban Rural partnerships on 24-25 April, 2013. This seminar will be focused on implementation issues, i.e., how to put sustainable urban rural partnerships into practice. The seminar will build on the lessons from in-depth case-studies carried out by the OECD covering a wide range of European and non-European regions. The seminar will provide an important opportunity for policymakers and stakeholders at European, national, regional and local level to better understand the practical aspects of urban rural partnerships and influence their implementation in future EU Cohesion Policy and Rural Development.

The seminar follows a first seminar organised in Metz in November 2012 (agenda with presentations) and is part of a preparatory action carried out for the European Parliament, which in addition to the comprehensive OECD study also includes a desk study on existing evidence (Executive summary; Full text of the study).

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