Workshop on 'Coastal and Maritime Tourism in Europe: Towards a Competitive, Innovative and Sustainable Approach

organised by Committee of the Regions (CoR), in collaboration with the Directorates General for Enterprise (ENTR) and for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MARE)
Lieu de la manifestation: Brussels, CoR premises


This 3-hour event will be an occasion to discuss the forthcoming Communication on coastal and maritime tourism and reflect on policy options that can best nurture sustainable growth in the sector.
The Commission's Directors of DG ENTR and DG MARE will briefly present the upcoming initiative and the CoR Members will offer their views on the challenges and opportunities faced by European coastal and maritime regions. The floor will then be open to questions, comments and ideas.
To make the debate more focused and constructive, the EC-CoR team prepared a succinct background note and a list of questions to be dealt within the meeting. The note will provide you with the policy context, list possible actions and give an insight into the economic importance of the sector.

English will be the working language of the meeting.

There are no participation fees, but places are limited, so you are requested to confirm your presence and register by Friday 19th April 2013.