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AEBR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz; Daniel Persson, Öresundskomiteen; Reinhold Kolck, Chairman of the Jury (Photo by Elena Annenkova/Alexander Chaynikov)

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The winner of the AEBR Award “Sail of Papenburg” 2011 was announced during the AEBR Annual Conference 2011 in Kursk in the presence of 200 delegates from 22 different countries. The theme of this year’s award was “How did your region contribute to encourage cross-border cooperation in Europe?” 

This year, 14 regions competed for the Sail of Papenburg. The international jury made up of professionals from European Border Regions all across Europe finally decided that the prize goes to Øresundskomiteen for the project “33 Hindrances, Challenges and Opportunities – the Øresund Model 2010”. This strategy was politically adopted in 2010 and became operational in the same year. In short, this is a strategy jointly created by Swedish and Danish lead partners, and establishes a brand new model framework aimed at eliminating existing cross border hindrances to creating a free flowing and cohesive labour market between Sweden and Denmark. In doing so, this strategy does not only in partnership with regional actors identify the key obstacles to such an integration and suggest and drive solutions – but it also places much needed emphasis on processes to drive the political cooperation on this issue forward to assure the permanency and urgency of networks aimed at solving existing hindrances. As such, whilst foremost focussing on political aspects of cooperation, the strategy also has a noticeable effect on the economic climate. (Full text of the application).

second special award was also given to Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober for “The bridge of Markosice – fire brigades unbounded!”. The  contacts  and  cooperation  of  the  volunteer  fire  brigades  Gross  Gastrose  and  Markosice  are  part  of  a synchronized general concept of the territorial authorities in the border region on the German and Polish sides of the  Euroregion  Spree-Neisse-Bober  responsible  for  fire  protection,  the  districts  Krosno-Odrzanskie  and  Zary  on the  Polish  side  and  Spree-Neisse  on  the  German  side  as  well  as  the  towns  Zielona  Góra  and  Cottbus  as authorities  dealing  with  environment  and  civil  protection.  The  goal  of  the  concept  is  the  guaranty  of  fastest possible  support  with  accidents,  major  incidents  or  catastrophes  in  the  area  of  the  Euroregion  Spree-Neisse-Bober. In this way, a contribution is made to the protection of natural, cultural and infrastructural resources in the common border region through improved and raised cross-border actionability and utilisability of the units of fire and civil protection (Full text of the application).

In his laudation, Dr. Reinhold Kolck, Chairman of the Jury, thanked all applicants that have painted together a picture of the great achievements of cross-border cooperation in Europe (full text of the presentation).

About the “Sail of Papenburg”:

On the occasion of the Annual Conference and General Assembly 2002 (Papenburg) of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), the Ems Dollart Region (EDR) endowed the AEBR 'Sail of Papenburg' Cross-Border Award.

The award honours particular achievements in the area of cross-border cooperation, e.g. in the cultural, economic, institutional, environmental and social sphere in a border or cross-border region.

This prize honours and motivates: it honours outstanding programmes / strategies, projects and actions within the scope of cross-border co-operation that preferably can be seen as exemplary. At the same time it should motivate border and cross-border regions to actively contribute to a better understanding and better relations at the borders between the nations throughout Europe. Thereby European integration at the borders will be directly promoted.

Since 2002, there have been annual calls to apply for the Saail of Papenburg. For Information about all winners up to now, please consult

Photo by Elena Annenkova/Alexander Chaynikov
Dr. Reinhold Kolck, Chairman of the Jury (Photo by Elena Annenkova/Alexander Chaynikov)

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