1st Cross-Cultural Cooking Event of AEBR and EUREGIO on 25 May 2012:


1st Cross-Cultural Cooking Event.

The Association of European Border Regions together with the EUREGIO organized their 1st Cross-Cultural Cooking event on the 25th of May. The event took place in Glanerbrug (The Netherlands), in the Dutch building of EUREGIO.

There were 15 delicious dishes from 10 different countries, represented by the staff of the AEBR and EUREGIO. The whole event started with welcoming words of the Secretary General of the AEBR, Mr. Martin Guillermo Ramírez, telling why he came up with the idea to organize such an event, which is the beginning of a good tradition for the future. Since the two institutions are represented by people from different countries, the variety of dishes and countries for this first event was quite big.

Photos: Diana Apakidze, AEBR Trainee

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