Cross Border Award "Sail of Papenburg" 2012 - Winners announced!:

This year's theme: Cross-border labour market mobility - experiences, problems, challenges"


In 2012, fifteen applications were submitted by very different border regions, which is reflecting the different types of projects all across Europe.

This year, the Cross Border Award is bestowed to the European Grouping on Territorial Cooperation Galicia-Norte de Portugal and involved partners for the project "Labour Market Mobility in the Euroregion Galicia-Norte de Portugal". This project aims at strengthening the cross-border labour market. Also the acknowledgement of occupational exams and the detailed information for employees should be improved. In addition, it is important to initiate cross-border vocational trainings. (Contact & information:

The Cross-Border Award is also bestowed to the Fachhochschule Oberösterreich and its partners for the project "Regio Talent - Regionalisation without borders". In this project, several steps are taken to strengthen the regional labour market. A life-quality index is elaborated as well as a map which will show the location of the regional talents. Additional several pilot projets will be realised in the field of labour market, which also have to contribute to the strengthening of the region. (Contact &

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Overview of all Sail of Papenburg applications 2012


Name of the border/

cross-border region

Title of the project/measure (click the title to open the file)


Euregio Rhein-Waal / EUREGIO / Euroregion Nemunas

Project Border Information Centres (BIC)


Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

Job Club South Tyrol


South Bohemia / Upper Austria

Jugend für den Erfolg AT-CZ / Fachkräfte der Zukunft


Catalunya / Languedoc

POCTEFA IV A Culture Pro EFA 54/8


Sønderjylland- Schleswig

“Border Network” – “Grenznetz” (EN / DE)


Slovenia – Croatia (external borders)

10th International Friendship Run Razkrizje – Strigova and 16 traditional events “Welcome Autumn”


Région Alsace

Apprentissage transfrontalier


EGTC Galicia - Norte de Portugal

Labour market mobility in the Euroregion Galicia-Norte de Portugal. Recognition and evaluation of vocational training certificates


EuRegio Salzburg – Berchtesgadener Land - Traunstein

10 Jahre EuRegionale Berufsinformationsmesse BIM


Upper Austria (Mühlviertel) and South Bohemia.

RegioTalent - Regionalisation without borders


Cross-border area Saint-Louis (F)/Basel (CH)/Lörrach (D)

For a better information on the cross-border labour market: the cross-border jobs description


Austrian Trade Union Federation (AU / CZ)

ZUWINS (Zukunftsraum Wien, Niederösterreich, Südmähren)


Austrian Trade Union Federation (AU / SK)

ZUWINBAT (Zukunftsraum Wien, Niederösterreich, Bratislava, Trnava)


Ems Dollart Region

Blade laminating project Germany – Netherlands / Dutch jobseekers for the position of laminator (Project description in EN / DE)


Euregio Rhein-Waal

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